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Warm Hot Forging

WF series is warm-hot forging press for bronze, aluminum materials forming. The applications are in automobile, medical, defense industries and metal forming. This is especially for irregular shapes and can be reduced the stamping processes. The high rigidity frame, 8-face long gibblings and double con-rod can reduce the frame deflection, increase anti-eccentric capability and increase product precision. Equip with automation and multiple-station die to achieve the massive production. Circulated oil lubrication can reduce the heat from brake lining friction, lower the oil consumption and lower the environment pollution. WF equips High performance clutch & brake. Its cooling fins can reduce the heat quickly and increase the braking efficiency. The linings are made of non-asbestos. Sensors can be installed on outside C&B to improve the safety condition. The water cooling device is an optional that can provide more braking efficiency and safety. The slide adjustment device is driven by hydraulic motor to adjust eccentric axis. The die changing arm on the upright can change the die quicker, safer and easier. The warm-hot forging working condition is worse. We have to consider the safety to operators. WF equips several safety devices that are safety meshes, safety cover, chained safety shutter, safety block and safety plug, and safety sensors. On the control design, there are multiple safety protections, such as safety circuit, lubrication errors, over-run protection, crank angle monitor etc. Moreover, our safety level is complied with Taiwanese, Japanese, American and European safety regulations. For operator’s convenience, the press control is Human Media Interface (HMI). It is a graphic operating screen with function bottoms. The friendly operating interface and multiple functions provide more comfortable operating environment.

GTX Double Crank Press

●The unitized straight-side press frame design       minimizes deflection commonly found on Gap-frame    presses.●Versatility makes it easy to integrate with a wide   range of press automation equipment.

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